Essay about Unit 2 Assignment 1

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ISS3340 Windows Security
Unit 2
Assignment 1
Recommendations for
Access Controls

Recommendations for Access Controls
Access Control is the defined as “the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource”, in the RFC 4949. “The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.” Simply put the ability to read, write, modify, or deleting information or files is what Access Control is. It is more than this, in the permissions (authorization) granted to each Security Group or Individual User.
The permissions mentioned in the previous paragraph are rights that a user is allowed to access, create, modify, or delete the file(s) inside a file folder, or objects. These are all permissions (authorizations) controlled by the Authorized Windows Security Personnel of the file structure. We will list some examples of how this outlined and what the impact would be, but first understand that requirements for the permissions is controlled from the Group Level, other than by Individual User, because it is easier to control from a security standpoint when you want to modify these abilities.
There are four folders created (D:\ERPdocuments, D:\ERPdocuments\HRfiles, D:\ERPdocuments\SFfiles, D:\ERPdocuments\MGRfiles) which we want to allow specific permissions for certain functions (tasks). For example; by modifying the permissions under the specific user account for HRmanager to include read/write capabilities, you would allow the ability to modify files inside the D:\DRPdocuments\HRfiles folder for the HRmanager. If you removed HR from the ‘List folder contents’