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Part 1: Finance
Holiday Activity Budget
A 5 day intensive diving camp for 6-9 years and an older group of 10-13 year olds. This will be delivered in the London Aquatics Centre.



2 x ASA Level 2 diving coaches

Level 2 Diving coach=
Hours – 9am – 4 pm
(1 hour unpaid break)
Per hour: £16.23


Due to the sessions taking place at the London Aquatic Centre all equipment is already in place. No additional equipment required.



No additional facilities are required.

Diving pit could lose up to £64.00 Per hour in regular bookings.

£ including VAT


To save on costing leaflets to be designed and printed in centre. To be handed out at local Schools & handed out to swim school members at the end of lessons.

Advertised in local free paper
Internal notice boards, Partnership &
Company website.

Leaflet design casual staff member 1x hour = £8.26

400 x copies to be printed
2 leaflets per page
Cost per print: 2p

Delivering to local schools
Casual staff member
4x hour= £33.04

Free to advertise online and local council paper.

Overall expenditure cost start-up cost = £49.30
Daily Running costs (staff & facilities) = £194.76 excluding energy costs


Number & types of activities

3x Sessions per day. Each session will consist of 1x hour dry side training & 1 x hour wet side training.

Each session will be split into 2 age groups 6 – 9 year olds & 10- 13 year olds.

Number of participants to each member of staff

Each group will have a maximum of 8 children per session.

Both age groups sessions will be run by an ASA level 2 diving coach.

Ratio Coach to child 1:8

Number of days that the course will run

The course will run for 5 days

Number of hours a day

Each session is 2 hours

(6 hours per day)

Number of sessions each day

Each day will have 3 sessions
2 hours each
9am- 11am
2pm- 4pm

Cost per session

£ 7.50 per session including VAT

Cost for full week

£30 including VAT

If all targets are met total cost will be:


2 x Level 2 Diving coach
Hours – 9am – 4 pm
(1 hour unpaid break)
6 hours per day
5 days
@ £16.23 Per hour each

2 x 6 x 5 x £16.23 = £97.38


No additional equipment needed.



Already in place but if a club hire was requested

5x £64.00 excl VAT = £320.00


1x £8.26 (Leaflet design)
400x £0.02 (printing)
4x £8.26 (delivery)

Free to advertise online and local council paper.

£8.26 = £8.26
400 x £0.02 = £8.00
4 x £8.26 = £33.04

Total cost


£378.68 excl energy costs

Potential income
If all sessions are sold by the session:
16 children attend each session, 3 sessions a day, over 5 days income will be:

16 x 3 x £7.50 x 5

£1800 minus VAT (20%) = £1500

If all sessions are sold by the week:
16 Children attend each session, 3 sessions a day, over 5 days
Income will be:

16 x 3 x £30

£1440 minus VAT (20%) =

Break Even Point
Below I have identified how I came to the break-even point. The table below shows the number of spaces to be filled to ensure I make a surplus on the course.
Take up
Spaces Taken
Income per week

*48 spaces per day (24 spaces for 6-9 years & 24 spaces for 10-13)
To ensure the course breaks even we need to aim for 29% (13 spaces) of the course spaces to be filled. Which would leave us in a surplus of £11.32.
Secondary spend
The course will not only bring an extra income to the centre it will also cause secondary spending brings an even become income in some of these are:
The course will attract new and existing customers to the building.
The course will bring parents into the building where staff can up sell memberships.
They may also spend money on vending machines and good for resale stands.
This budget was approved by the