Unit 2 D1 Understanding Customer service Essay

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To: Myrna Kingston
From: Stefani Marinova
Date: 29/01/2014
Subject: Task 3 an analysis of how enterprise approach measure customer service

How does enterprise approach measure is:
Enterprise Rent-A-Car developed a simple but highly effective way of finding out what keeps customers happy. They created a questionnaire for customers based on two questions which are:
1. How would you rate your last Enterprise experience?
2. Would you rent from Enterprise again?
The way of enterprise measured customer satisfaction is called ESOi- the Enterprise Service Quality Index. This is the basis for measuring performance of the various rental branches of Enterprise.
From the survey they have find out what makes loyal customers and who the loyal customers are, it delivers results which allow Enterprise to concentrate on the key driver for the company making loyal customers. This will leads to profitable growth for the company. The survey will tell enterprise which customers will return again and again and which will recommend Enterprise to their friends. The questionnaire will help enterprise to find out quickly what the customers think of each and every one of its businesses.
The enterprise targeted customers who were highly satisfied and would rent from the company again. These were customers who were filled in the top boxes on the survey, customers who had filled in the survey were called by internal telephone researchers. They were asked how many cars they has rented since taking part in the survey and what enterprises share of those rentals had been.
The data showed that “completely satisfied” customers were more than three times more likely to become repeat customers as those who said they were only “somewhat satisfied”.
Enterprise has used the information from the surveys to make improvements. For example they have developed a “Cycle of Service” training programme. This gives new employees a number of