Does It Really Matter?

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Ashley Baca
Mrs. Mullinex
English 1301­DC002
4 June, 2015
Does It Really Matter?
Everyone looks for that best cell phone service, a service where they don’t have to stop and think, will their phone get the service they need while doing what they love to do. Verizon is a well-known cell phone service, the “most reliable service”(“Super”). The Verizon commercial, “It Matters”, adequately persuades the young adults watching the 2015 Super Bowl 1st quarter commercials to get Verizon as their cell phone service by using pathos and kairos (“Super”).
They show many pathos moments, moments that shouldn’t be forgotten. The commercial starts with slow piano music that begins to build. As the commercial continues they depict a surfer recording herself; sharing her new video online while still in the ocean, friends who are having a party in a barn while streaming their music from their phones, a man face timing in the sky, another man uses his phone to locate his car in a big parking lot, and a family streaming a movie from a phone while camping in the woods. The commercial uses these moments to draw the audience in by showing people using their Verizon phone in places where they shouldn’t be useable. Like the ocean, sky, and the woods. Thus, showing that with this network, Verizon, viewers can get great reliable service anywhere, anytime. Another way this commercial uses pathos is by using the narrator. The narrator first comes in asking the audience a deep question, “would you be willing to give up sharing your moments”(“Super”), making them wonder if they truly are with the right network, or if they should choose to look into Verizon. Verizon does this throughout the commercial while depicting moments that are special. At the end of the commercial the narrator ask, “If you’re not on the largest most reliable network, then what are you giving up” (“Super”)? By asking this question it gives the audience curiosity. Verizon uses kairos in this commercial as well. They use the fact that the world has many new technologies/apps that allow people to use their phone in many different situations to show kairos. They use this information to make it clear that people can have all these apps and