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Explain how the management of human, physical, and technological resources can improve the performance of a selected organisation.

Human Resources
When Starbucks is managing human resources it is important that management when employing people pick out the right people with qualifications or skills that are required for a specific role that they are advertising for. Its also import when HR select new staff that they receive any training if its nessacary and this is also needed with excising staff to keep them up to date with any new products or procedures that will improve business performance. Human resources will need to find the right method of communication with staff and approach to deal with any problems that the employees may have. By doing this human resource management are looking after there employees and engaging them with the business and this will increase there motivation and make them preform at there best and increase customer services and sales. They can also reward employees with appraisals and setting target for a store or individual staff which will not only reward the staff but Starbucks will also benefit from the effort they are putting in. human resources also have to manage and find solutions to any problems employees may have this will make employees work more effectively providing a better service and keeping up and improving on the brand image they have created and Starbucks will benefit customers response and sales.

Physical Resources
Physical resources are what make Starbucks and how it’s run on day-to-day bases. Managing physical resources is vital to Starbucks because with out them the could not function. These resources include buildings equipment inside them such as coffee machines, fridges/freezers, chairs and tables. Because Starbucks requires buildings to run its is vital that these building are managed and looked after this would include organisation of the shop and layout is best fit for the customer and make things easier for staff to no were every thing is. Also expanding depending on location they may want to create another shop close by to reduce waiting times and make the customers happy. Managing the equipment in stores is also important because if machines were breaking down this would increase queues and lose business so arranging regular maintenance on equipment is needed. They would also have to manage software and computer technology used within stores as these contain important and private documentation and would want this to be lost or hacked into. Starbucks would also need to consider customer safety insuring every store is fitted with CCTV and Emergency equipment which will needed to be serviced in case a emergency did happen they are prepared and now they can deal with it. Also making sure all stores are suitable for disabled customers will increase sales, as the store is suitable for