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AGE GROUPS | PHYSICAL | COMMUNICATION AND INTELLECT | SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL | EXAMPLES OF KNOCK ON EFFECTS | 0-1 YEARS | Holds,waves,kicks,crawls, rolls,passing,pincer grips stands,sits up, self feeding lifting,follow with eyes and hands | Points,cries,improved hearing,reponds to calls,shouts,laughs,basic speech sounds,knows own name,can follow simple vocal instructions,reacts to light changes, | Recongise faces,smiles,shows interest in family and others,shows fear of strangers, seeks attention,aware of surroundings,trantrums,shows anger,awareness of own feelings and others, | If any of the physicals are missing then the ability to interact socially is impaired so communication is delayed this applies to all age groups. | 1-3 YEARs | Walk,pull and pushes,drawing,kick a ball,jumps,put on pull off shoes,pedal | First words,understands more,links words together to form sentence,counting 1-10,very questioning,converses with parents, knows primary colours,body parts and animals, | Shyness,selfishness,toilet trained, mood swings, independence starts,social awareness,develops friendships, awareness of gender | If walking, jumping is impaired then they will be unable to socialise then speech is delayed.Also if toilet training is an issue then time spent enjoying and physical activity is reduced | 4-7 YEARS | Run and hop,throw and aim,bath&brush teeth, skips,dress&undress,hit ball balancing,write,sew,tie,ride,cut around objects | Reasoning,greater concentration, clear fluent speech,vocabulary expends continuiously,mimikes accents,knowledge of full name age and address,writing skills develops,colour knowledge,numerical skills greater,reading develops | Role play,competetive,turn taking,greater independence,fear of the unknown,self aware,needs friends,supportive of friends,morallly awareness increases,confident . | If the ability to dress& bath is not reached then independence is not possible sofriends less