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Unit 201

!.2 Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another.

Having completed a table about patterns of development in children from birth to 19 years, it may appear that the areas of physical, cognitive and emotional development are quite divided. However, it is important to understand that they are closely inter connected with one another.
In infants, a strong bond with the carer or parent who will talk and sing to the baby will have a huge impact on the child’ s speech(cognitive) development. Language will be a key milestone for the child to start being able to express himself and perhaps grow out of temper tantrums more quickly (emotional development). At nursery and pre school language skills will continue to develop and will help him form friendships . Being able to form some friendships (social development) will then in turn have an impact on the child’s confidence (emotional) in life. The use of language and its key link makes communication and intellectual development very closely linked.
Physical development in children is in the first three years of their life, like working towards independence. It is a bit of a paradox as children that age group need a strong form of attachment to achieve confidence towards independence. Later on in the child’s life, motor skills will allow playing together with comrades (ex tig) and to experiment different sport activities. Joining in activities may allow the child to socialise in confidence.

An example:
Children in a primary school playground enjoy a game of hop scotch.
They will jump but also have to target the right area with fine motor skill= physical
They will have to take turns and respects some rules=emotional and behavioural
They will use language to interact with one another explaining and problem solve=cognitive
All skills are required.

The same thing goes for a game of “tig”

Children have to decide which one of them will be it=social
During the game, they will have to run as fast as they can to escape=physical
They will problem solve as to when to find a base and leave it =cognitive
They will have to accept the fact that when, caught, It is now their turn to be “IT”=behavioural
I feel almost obliged to mention the fact that we play that game in the park with my family…