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Principles of personal development in adult social care settings
Outcome 1:Understand what is required for good practice in adult social care roles
Data Protection Act
Freedom of Information Act 2000
The Equality Act 2010
Human Rights Act 1998
Codes of Practice
Mental Capacity Act 2005
Care Standards Act 2000
1.2 It is important to reflect on your work activities so you can look back and see where you are either doing things right or wrong, also see where you can improve in areas. Training is very important so you could see if there is any you need to do or if any of yours need updated. You could seek feedback from the manager or other colleagues and act on any criticism.
1.3 You need to treat everyone fairly and equally, push your own personal attitudes and beliefs to one side as you have to stay professional at all times. The service user needs to be put first and it’s your duty of care to listen to them whether you agree or disagree with their beliefs or attitudes.

Connie Baverstock
Outcome 2:Understand how learning learning activities can develop knowledge, skills and understanding
2.1 When I had taken part in the fire safety training session, learning about different types of fire extinguishers and fire doors. Learning about how to keep everybody safe with in the care setting.
I now know what each fire extinguisher is used for and how long each one can last for. I also learnt how to keep everybody safe by using the fire door procedure, depending on where the fire is within the care setting. This has improved my understanding of fire safety by me now knowing to never panic in a fire situation and use my knowledge and skills in this type of situation.
2.2 I was in a situation where I didn’t know how to cream the service user’s legs in the correct way, where I had to wash down the legs before creaming them as this was and could cause a build up of cream on them. I was shown and given advice on how to this the correct way and now I know for the future what I have to do to cream the service users correctly and professionally.