Unit 203 Outcome 1 1 Essay

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Unit 203

Outcome 1.1
Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people

There are a number of aspects that are involved when a member of staff is establishing a respectful and professional with children and young people, and these include:

Being approachable – when aiming to build a relationship with children and young people, it is important that your behaviour and communication is adapted so that the child is able to approach you.
Listening skills – give children your full attention when listening to them. This can be shown through body language, facial expression and speech. It is important that teachers and teaching assistants listen to children and then respond to the child appropriately; these skills are modelled to children through listening and speaking.
Positive behaviour – if a child comes to you with a problem, then it is important that you respond positively, and therefore enforce the positivity in the children instead of them feeling negative. If the child feels that you are a positive part of the school, then they will come to you for help if they are struggling, as they will know that they will feel more positive about things after they seek help.
Security – it is important that children can feel secure in your care, which will be demonstrated with the way that you interact with them.
Express themselves – give children and young people the opportunity to put forward their ideas and express themselves in their own time using their own words.

Outcome 1.2
Describe with examples how to behave appropriately for a child and young person’s stage of development

When communicating with children it is important that it is level with their age related communication ability for the stage in their development. This is because children and young people develop at different stages, and some may be more advanced than others.

Foundation stage and key stage 1
Younger children will have varying levels of attention, and will generally need reassuring, especially when they are beginning full time school. When children are in foundation stage and key stage 1, they are still developing their communication and language skills. Therefore, as they are still developing on that aspect, it is important that you address them on their level, this could mean that instead of towering over them and talking to them, you should kneel down next to them so that you are level with their eye line. It is also important that you know they fully understand what you asking of them