Essay on Unit 211 Provide Reception Services

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Unit 211 Provide Reception Services
The purpose of the receptionist role is to represent the trust and give the patients the first impression of the NHS as they are the first point of contact between the patient and the organization. It is vital to present a positive self-image and a good representation of the trust because we want people to come back and use the services again and give the trust a good name. We can display a positive self-image by being attentive, well dressed, having good body language, a friendly attitude, being helpful and always being polite.
The structure and lines of communication in an organization starts with the board of directors, then line managers and heads of departments then the other workers. The
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We need to make sure that we know what they are upset about and do our best to explain to them what is going on. If the visitor is in danger of becoming physically abusive the receptionist should make sure to keep at least an arms distance away from the person, or make sure there is some kind of barrier between them. If you are alone with the visitor, and they are becoming violent that is the appropriate time to alert security, or make sure you have another member of staff with you.
We should always suggest appropriate ideas for improving the reception areas because it is the first place that the patients see. By improving the reception area the patients will have a positive view of the trust and are more likely to tell other people that we are a great organization and will choose to come back to this hospital. By carrying out additional duties that may not be in our job specification can benefit the trust greatly and add to our good image. For example if a patient’s appointment is delayed and they have been waiting for a while we could offer them a drink. Or if we see a visitor that looks lost we can ask them if they need any help, these types of extra duties are what the clients will remember the organization for. We will promote a friendly and helpful attitude and represent the organization