Unit 23, Task 3, P5 M3 D2 Essay examples

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Case study –
Eileen is a 68 year old pensioner who suffers with arthritis, her arthritis has been getting worse since she turned 65 and has tried everything within the orthodox health system to try and ease the condition but unfortunately nothing has been successful in helping her and is still suffering from persistent pain. Prescribed medication has been tried to see if that would help Eileen’s condition but she claims to experience awful side effects and would rather not take any medication, because of the side effects Eileen has been experiencing they have started to make Eileen feel overly stressed for no real reason, due to this Eileen has been considering a couple of different complementary therapies which have been recommended by
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That isn’t to say that Eileen wouldn’t receive any side effects as acupuncture may leave Eileen a little tender and sore around the areas where she had the therapy which is the same with osteopathy. The side effects that Eileen may experience through these therapies shouldn’t be as bad as the side effects she has experienced through the medication she has been taking. A third advantage of having either one of these therapies to help Eileen’s arthritis is that they are both relaxing therapies meaning that it will help to bring Eileen’s stress levels down which is beneficial as high stress levels can trigger Eileen’s arthritis. Eileen would hopefully see a massive difference in her stress levels if she was to try either one of these therapies and that on its own may do the world of good in terms of the condition, this would help to improve Eileen’s health and wellbeing. The amount of stress and pressure on the joints would also improve with either of these therapies which would also be good for Eileen as stress on the joints is a major problem in terms of arthritis and can make the condition considerably worse. Another advantage of these therapies is that you don’t need a referral from a professional to be able to access these therapies so Eileen would be able to just find a local therapist and book an