Unit 26 Essay

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1.1 Personal Hygiene is important as it is this that affects how you feel, and can affect how others feel about you. Someone with poor personal hygiene might feel down and depressed as they feel like they are worthless and do not deserve anyone’s time or care.

1.2 Personal hygiene can affect your health, if your are not clean then you are more vulnerable to infection and disease as more bacteria is on your body and can get in cuts, grazes and open wounds.
Your appearance will deteriorate; with poor oral care your teeth may discolour and hair can fall out if it not well maintained.

3.1 Personal issues that may be a cause of poor personal hygiene might be that someone is not educated to know what good hygiene is. If you are not taught the effects of having poor personal hygiene then you will not be motivated to keep clean and fresh.
You might also have poor personal hygiene if you have no money. If you cannot afford the things you need to clean and stay clean then it is likely that you will not have good hygiene.
If you are disabled and not able to clean yourself then this can affect how clean you are. You may want to keep clean but not be able to manage to wash.
Some people do not want support to wash and even if they can’t do it themselves they are too proud to ask.

3.2 To address all of these issues it is important that a carer speaks to the person to find out the root cause. We should always be sensitive as to why personal hygiene is good for us but we should not…