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Unit 29 public relations in the hair and beauty sector.

Name: Danielle Spruce
Tutor: Anna Hoz

To inform our clients on our new laser treatment we are offering I’m going to organise a PR even to take place on 7th June.
According to Ali (2006) PR is a two-way street. It is not just about organisations pumping out messages and trying to influence; it is about listening as well, and making sure that the organisation itself is open to the influence of others.
I am going to investigate the roles and responsibilities of a PR officer. PR officers plan, develop and implement PR strategies; this will help us appeal to a wider audience however this might have an effect on the salon making it too busy. Liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople. Liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organisations, often via telephone and email. Companies may get in touch and ask for more information on what offers are on recently. Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media, ensuring they are up to date will all popular trends with in PR. Ensuring they are not “behind with the times” with their approach. Collating and analysing media coverage. Writing and editing in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports. For example monthly briefings, newsletters or notices. Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes. Organising what is going to be included in them ensuring the business get it message and ethos to the target market. Devising and coordinating photo opportunities for example at PR events or charity events. However to get high quality pictures you’d have to hire someone out of house who will charge a fee for their service and the pictures. Also organising events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and information nights. Making the client full aware of what’s happening within the business, however these events usually cost quite ait of money to spend it will not be able to run. Maintaining and updating information on the organisation's website, informing clients of any changes to offers recent discounts. Managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Posting updates and recent pictures of treatments like nails so clients can see quality of work. In an easy and free way, however websites can be unreliable as they often crash or develop an error or fault it would have to be constantly monitored. Sourcing and managing speaking and sponsorship opportunities. Market research finding out our target market and what PR trend is popular with them. Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives, for example Tameside council often run charity days in the local town centre and ask all different types of companies to get involved, this is great exposure, however your using time and products that could have been spent doing treatments for free so in effect you are using a day you could of been making money into doing treatments for free. Managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation for example a law suit.

I’m going to investigate current trends in PR. Until recently PR was person to person however with today’s technology it’s easier for companies to connect with their customers by using these current PR trends, updating Corporate News and Corporate Blogs this is an easy and free option to get you information out there and ask for feedback. According to Gifford (2006) “approximately 72 million Americans every year are interviewed in opinion and marketing research studies and surveys.” Social Media is a huge PR trend allowing companies to get their messages to their target market for free, however users of social media are usually relatively young people not very useful if you’re