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Unit 3 - Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health or social care setting
In this essay I will be discussing about many different potential hazards that may arise and cause harm in a health and social care setting. There are numerous of hazards in the health and social setting, these hazards affect the service users working in that health and social care provision. There are several of hazards which could exist in every single surface of that care provision. In a day care setting, many things are prepared to ensure that service users, and consequently staff, are protected from harm. The hazards that I will discuss in detail are hazards from equipment which covers infections, hazardous substances, physical environment, and hazardous working conditions.
I will also write briefly about hazardous working practices and hazardous systems and how all these hazards cause harm to patients, service users or even staff. A hazard possibly occurs for staff, visitors and individuals. It means when something could cause harm such as a slippery floor, specifically if care is not taken to decrease a risk to a minimum. A risk is unplanned, either high or low that may cause somebody to be harmed by a hazard.
The physical environment is based around everything around you an example of this is in a residential home you get many objects and people around you. If a residential home has poor building, air or temperature it will cause a major impact on the patient’s well-being and health. An example of this is if the…