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Unit 3 - Introduction to Marketing
Assignment 1

You are working for an enterprise agency, which, from time to time perform services for the local council. These include advising the council on certain business related issues so that they can help local people set up their own companies.

Hillingdon Borough Council has made it their aim to encourage new business start-ups and it is therefore very important that they are up to date with all the latest information. This is so they can give new businesses sound advice.

You have been asked by your line manager, Kate, to help her give a presentation to a group of young entrepreneurs about marketing their new business. You have been given some tasks to help Kate prepare the presentation.

Task 1
Select two contrasting organisations in your local area. These should be successful in their business ventures, but must not be similar. For example you couldn’t choose two supermarkets, but you could choose a supermarket and a bank.

You are to create an information booklet for Kate about the techniques these two organisations use to market their products and services to the public. This booklet will be handed out to the budding entrepreneurs when they arrive for the presentation.

When completing the booklet you are required to pay special attention to the following marketing techniques:

Growth strategies
Survival strategies
Relationship marketing
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Task 2
Kate is very impressed with the information booklet. She can now build her presentation around the different marketing used to market products to customers. However, she is still not clear on the similarities and differences between the various techniques.

You are required to complete the table in appendix one comparing the marketing techniques used in your two organisations. This will also be handed out at the presentation.

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Task 3
Businesses need to be aware that there are various restrictions and constraints when they look to market their goods and services to the public. They can get a very bad reputation and even be fined if they do not function within the boundaries of these rules.

For this task you need to create a double sided fact sheet in which you briefly describe all the…