Unit 3 Assignment 1 Kristian A White Essay

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Unit 3, Assignment 1
Kristian A. White

The UH Cancer Continuum, an alliance of state leading healthcare organizations composed of the UH Cancer Center, Queen’s Medical Center, Hawaii Pacific Health, Kuakini Medical Center and UH Manoa’s John A. Burns School of Medicine are a perfect expect of how to fund a health care system. Aligning themselves offers many different sources of funding in today’s fragile healthcare world.
First major funding source would be from the University of Hawaii, by offering residency programs to its students and performing clinical trials and research. When a healthcare system has students training inside their hospitals that system can be classified as a teaching hospital which brings in funding from both the state and the university. Then by doing and providing the state with clinical trials and research, that institution will be entitled to state money, federal government funds and also grants that are targeted towards those trials.
In Hawaii, besides Breast Cancer (down to 15%) and Prostate Cancer related deaths (down to 12%) all other cancer related diagnoses and deaths have gone up ("Healthy Hawaii :: Hawaii's Healthy People 2020 Progress Tracker," n.d.). In my opinion, Cancer screenings, Cancer Studies and Cancer care and support would be a great potential revenue and funding source for a health care system in Hawaii. Everyone that can give wants to give to a cause that matters. Whether it’s the study and treatment of Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer, there are dollars to be raised and used to help fund a health system. Since Cancer research and treatment is needed in Hawaii, why not use this to help your system grow and provide its services to the region of Hawaii.
Philanthropist Barry and Virginia Weinman of Honolulu created the Weinman Foundation Fund for Innovation at the UH Cancer Center with a $1.7 million gift, (Bringing Nobel Laureates to UH in Cancer Fight l UH Foundation).By targeting this cause (Cancer) and specializing in it a this system is able to target wealthy philanthropic donors to gift large monies to help fund the system and support its mission.
With all of the healthcare cutbacks affecting the United States today, Healthcare Systems need to dig deep to find sources of funding to help fund…