Unit 3 Electronic Medical System Essay

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Table of contents
1. Title page
2. Table of contents
3. What is an Electronic medical system?
4. The Pro’s of an EMS
5. The Con’s of an EMS
6. Acrendo Medical Software
7. Acrendo Medical Software Photo’s
8. References


What is an Electronic medical system?
An electronic medical system is a replacement of paper medical records. An EMR is all computer and network based. It gives hospitals, doctor offices and clinic an easier work space. EMR also provides the confidence of filing records more efficiently and correctly, without error. EMR replaces the need for unneeded and crowdedness of filing cabinets and paper files everywhere. It gives the workplace a more cleaner atmosphere, and is more private.

The Pro’s
1. Easier to read
2. Less messes, In ex., papers scattered everywhere and old ripped folders
3. Ease of referring a patient to another facility
4. Saves paper
5. Appointment reminders and confirmations
6. Less worry of misplacing a medical record or losing papers from one
7. Space saver, In ex., more cabinet space
8. A time saver… easier to schedule appointments and billing
9. All documents and records are in one space, so it is more convenient
10. Overall, ease of access


The Con’s
1.Network going down
2.Computer crashing, causing medical records to be lost if not properly backed up in timely manners
3.Patients are concerned about the confidentiality of their medical records
4.inadequate training and support
5.HIPAA violations ( while HIPPA violations can and do happen with paper medical records it is more likely because it is over a network, that hackers can get into 5

Acrendo Medical Software
1. Features
2. Multiple tabs/windows
3. Dragon dictation