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When walking through the streets of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome you would find some of the same aspects . You may also find some things that are very different between the two. Ancient Rome and Greece are alike and different in many ways.While reading you may find some information that you may not have known before about Ancient Greece and Rome. Some of the similarities that observers notice is in the clothing that they wore. Some examples of the clothing could be their tunics and togas. The people of Ancient Rome and Greece have the same clothing styles but have strong differences when it comes to the details of each piece. Observers would also notice the some that the building structures are the same such as columns and aqueducts. The climate in Rome and Greece during the Ancient times were about the same and they also grew some of the same crops at that time. Hopefully once someone had read through this they will notice something that they did not know before about Ancient Greece and
Rome.While reading pay attention to the little things because that is what is going to make up the major differences between Greece and Rome. It is not hard to point out the similarities between them because Rome stole ideas from Greece. Some do not notice the differences but keep reading to find how much more they are alike.
First thing you would notice when walking through Ancient Greece is the clothing that they wore. You notice that women sometimes wore more decorated tunics also called peplos.
The men wore tunics called a chiton to their knees or below. Children wore the tunics also with a belt across the middle section . In Ancient Rome the styles were very similar. Women wore tunics belted the length was also to the knees called a ricinium women wore and under garment called a stola .Womens tunics were usually long sleeves. Men wore tunics down to their knees not very common for them to be long sleeves. . They wore tunics because they were comfortable

they were not very heavy therefore it was easy to move around in and easy get through accomplish things. The only people who were found wearing a toga was worn only by citizens others could not be seen wearing the toga if seen in toga they would be punished. The difference is between the Greeks tunics is they did not wear them with belts with theirs and some of the tunics had designs on them that is what made them different from the Roman tunics. These are some facts about the clothing and how Ancient Greece and Rome are alike in fashion.
Another thing you would noticed about ancient Rome and Greece is the architecture.
They use some if the same structures when buildings. They both used columns and aqueducts in their buildings. The Romans created the aqueducts they were used to direct the water from one source. Ancient Greece and Rome both used Columns to help hold up their buildings. They had different types of columns. The Romans Created the tuscan column which is just a different type made out of different material. The greeks used the monolithic columns when drums were stacked on top of the other. In Rome buildings were made so they could be detached from the columns and be moved. Romans got most of their ideas from the Greeks. That is why when you put Greek and Rome buildings beside each other there is not much difference. These are just just a few examples of how Roman and Greek architectures are so much alike.
Last thing you would noticed in Rome is it is not as isolated as Greece because it does not have as many mountains and is easy to get to where you need to. Rome had