Essay on Unit 3 Key Questions

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Unit 3: Key questions
“Cinderella man” is a film that has inspired many but bought great strength into those individuals who felt the pain of being poor but with determination and a supportive family has pulled themselves up. It is a story about boxer named James I. Braddock who is struggling to feed his family during the period of great depression. Unfortunately he breaks his left hand and is no longer allowed to fight in the ring. Therefore in order to support his family he does manual labor until one evening he gets a call form Joe the he could sub verse in the fight. This news shows everyone but the real shocks come in when fight after fight he is winning with one ambition to feed his family until one day he is named heavy weight champion of the world.
The Director, Ron Howard, tried to portray life during the Great Depression as accurately as possible paying very close attention to content. However the movie was formalistic at times when Braddock would be in the boxing ring and they would slow time. During some of these slow moments the audience both could see an x-ray look at his hand braking in the beginning and his thoughts of his family. Shots in this film were taken from all different angles and different distances. In the ring the close up shot that were eye level were normally used to give the audience a better sense of what the characters were feeling and looking like in the fight. The lighting of the film was very dim for a majority of the time symbolizing the gloominess and misfortune suffered by many people during the Great Depression. Clothes were dark and raggedy and all men were dressed the same. When men were crowding around a fence hoping to gets work at the docks for a day you could not differentiate anybody giving the audience the impression that these men were