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The time differences around the world can affect leisure and business travellers, so they need to be aware of the different time zones so that they can be fully prepared.
The main effect on travellers who are travelling between two different time zones is being jet lagged. Jet lag is a feeling of tiredness after a long aircraft journey; it’s the result of your body trying to adjust to the new time zone. The main symptom of jet lag is disturbed sleep. The more time zones which you cross during a long-haul flight the more your jet lag can become severe.

Jet lag affects leisure travellers because it may take them a few days to get used to the time and this may cut into their holiday time. The lack of sleep they are getting may cause them to become irritable during their holiday, which may affect their holiday enjoyment. Leisure travellers go on holidays for fun, so be jet lagged may be a in convince for them, they may need a couple of days to get used to everything. They may sleep all day and then wake up at night and feel like their day has been wasted. For example visitors who are leaving the UK to go to New York will suffer from severe jet lag because New York and London have a 7 hour differences and the customer will not be used to be travelling for long.

Jet lag can affect business travellers more than any type of customers, because the implications are much more serious. Business travellers who are…