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Describing the Factors to Take Into Account When Planning Healthy and Safe Indoor and Outdoor Activities and Services
There are many factors to consider when planning a healthy and safe indoor or outdoor activity. The main factors are:
Individual needs, age, ability of children
Specific risks to individuals, such as pregnancy, sensory impairments
The function and purpose of environments and services
The duty of care
Desired outcomes for the children
Lines of responsibility and accountability
Risk assessments, risk and challenge
Parent issues
Children’s health needs for example allergies to sun cream

It is important when planning an activity to firstly choose the right environment for the activity, for example, if I was planning a bicycle activity the appropriate environment would be outside as indoors there is a limited space but if the weather unsuitable then this activity will have to be indoors or planned for another day.
Next I would take into account the children’s age and all of their ability and their individual needs if any children may need assistance during this activity. I would choose appropriate bikes or trikes for those children who are taking part in the activity, I would make sure the equipment was all in good safe working order and are clean ready to use. I would then check that all paths are at an even level and that they are free from any rubbish or debris that might interfere with the activity.
It is also important that I set boundaries, making out specific areas where the children can play, whilst still in my view and away from any danger. I would explain these boundaries to the children and possibly mark them out with cones so they are ore visible. There would also be constant supervision throughout the activity, with the right ratio of staff to children to comply with staff ratios requirements.
The weather is a big factor that I would have to consider when planning this activity, in the case of wet weather condition activities will need to be re-evaluated and further risks to be taken