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Risk assessment chart for P3
Add an introduction and definition or explanation of risk and risk assessment and clearly show what setting this is based upon (no names of place just it is based on a care home setting etc)
Risk level range

|Potential hazard |Who is at risk and why are they at risk (what are |Risk level |Ways to reduce risk. (give examples here of how the risks could be |Monitoring ( who and how will it be monitored) |New risk level|
| |potential consequences) | |reduced) | | |
|Holes on the floor |The holes can be a risk for everyone because that |Very high |The first thing they should do its report it because it’s very |The monitoring will be done by the manager. He is |low |
| |is holes are in the middle of the floor an most of| |dangerous and get someone to repair it. |responsible to check everything in the area so that | |
| |the people don’t see it. For example the man that | | |everyone is safe in the place. | |
| |is caring the machine he can slip over that which | | | | |
| |is very dangerous because that can cause a big | | | | |
| |accident to the person. | | | | |
| |The risk level goes on everyone because that door |Very high |They should renew the settings where the doors are fully unblocked |The manager and all the workers must have a look |low |
|Door is blocked with the stairs` |is when fire happens and when it’s blocked with | |with anything. |every day that the doors are unblocked in case fire | |
| |the stairs that’s dangerous. They might not have | | |happens. | |
| |any place to get out. The fire exit must be | | | | |
| |unblocked in any case because fire can happen any | | | | |
| |time. | | | | |
| |The risk goes again on the ones that use that |Very high |They should make the cleaners clean everything that is on the |All the workers are monitored because they are using|low |
|All the boxes are in the middle of |floor. Everyone can