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The abstract is written in block format, meaning that the start of the paragraph is not indented. It begins on the next line following the Abstract heading and should not be more than 250 words. The Abstract heading should be in bold. All numbers in an abstract should be typed as digits and not as words unless they are at the beginning of a sentence. The abstract is a one-paragraph summary of the most important elements of the paper. This is an example of what an abstract looks like.

Title of Paper An employee in one of my groups has just fired of a memo, via email, to all members of the team, complaining openly about a certain individual and the individual’s personal habits in the workplace. In the following essay I will tell you how I will handle this situation with research and facts from various articles.
In 1995, the number of email-using employees in the U.S. was estimated at more than 23 million, with three times the number projected in 2000[8] mentioned in Communications of the ACM; Jul 99, Vol.42 Issue 7,pg.89 written by Janice C. Sipior & Burke T. Ward. I believe that this individual who at first sent the email shouldn’t have first sent the email to anyone at the workplace. We have lost ourselves in how to carry a conversation with someone due to technology now a day. This email was personal and meant only to be seen by the person sending and the person the email was being written about. Empirical research suggests the content of email is more likely to be irresponsible, in that it may include profanity and negative statement, that the content of face-to -face communication [11]. Further, the same research found 40% of email correspondence is totally unrelated to work (Communications of the ACM; Jul 99, Vol.42 Issue 7, pg.89 written by Janice C. Sipior & Burke T. Ward.) I feel that maybe this individual was probably looking for a way to probably tell this person how he/she felt by send the email but I believe that it just made the problem greater due to the fact that this person could take it as he is being insulted or feel abused by this email. I would have approach my fellow employee and tell them that when they were not busy or if we can set up a private meeting to discuss the issue so it feels more private and less public and embarrassing for him/her and my myself, “choosing words well is essential, because the potential for misunderstanding is enormous.” (Communications of the ACM; Jul 99, Vol.42 Issue 7, pg.90 written by Janice C. Sipior & Burke T. Ward.)

Secondly, if my meeting with individual is not effective I…