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Unit 3 Reflective Essay

Unit 3 was excellent because in the beginning of the unit, we read a poem called, “Paul
Revere’s ride.” Which I had already read in my previous language arts class, but what really stood out to me was when we read the poem in class and went into detail reviewing the poem and learning new terminology. I think an adjustment I need to do well in my language arts class is my book preference because the books I enjoy reading,that are very interesting are too low for my lexile. I don’t really enjoy studying for tests because when I do I don’t study as much as I should. I usually study if the chapter of a unit was too difficult for me to understand. My theory is that studying for a test is not difficult unless you have not taken the time to understand the concepts being learned. I’m not sure if this is correct, but teachers give homework assignments for the tests, and this is the part where my theory comes in. If students completed all the homework, classwork assignments, and listened to what their teachers had to say, their possibilities of failing a test is lower because in a way by completing homework assignments even if it is incorrect they are taking the time to understand the