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Chapter 13
Rayven Clark
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1. Who arrives at the De Lacey home in the springtime, and what is her background? How does the creature benefit from her language barrier?
Safie arrives and she is from Turkey. Her father was wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Felix teaches her French. The monster observes the reading lessons and learns faster than Safie does.

2. What sort of book does Felix use to teach Safie?
He uses Volney’s 'Ruins of Empires'.

3. What impression about mankind does the creature gain after hearing the history lessons in this book? The creature learns about the history of civilization and all the wars man has waged on one another.

4. What does the
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He is referring to Henry's death.

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Chapter 19
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25. Describe how Henry and Victor's attitudes about their six months in London are different. What is each of them hoping to gain from this journey?
Clerval was occupied with working on making connections towards the progression of colonization and trade with India and Victor was eager to start his new project which was making the creatures companion.

26. Describe the place where Victor goes when he leaves Henry behind at their Scottish friend's house and travels to the farthest northern part of Scotland he can reach. What is it like there, and why do you think he chose this location for his work?
Its a desolate and appalling landscape and it mirrors the desolate and horror in Victors heart.

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Chapter 20
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27. What thoughts make Victor change his mind just before he was about to complete the female?
Who is watching through the window as he destroys the female?
Victor changes his mind because he does not want the female to breed other monsters. The creature sees
Victor tear apart the body.

28. Describe Victor's explanation when the creature enters the hut to confront him about destroying the female. What promise does the creature make as the last thing he says to Victor before he rushes out of Victor's hut?
He said that he will never create another being like the creature. The