Essay on Unit 3 Understanding diversity

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Equality & Diversity NCFE Level 2

a) Interests
We have a local history group attended by all ages, cultures, nationalities and abilities both able bodied and disabled, the elderly, children and individuals with learning difficulties
There are also local youth groups, drama and dance, elderly social groups, photography classes free for all living in the local community and there are no restrictions regarding age, ability, cultures, beliefs etc... as all unique diverse cultures etc... are brought together to share their information on their different cultures, views and interests
b) Beliefs
We have in our local community athiests, muslims, christian, catholics, polish, jews, african, all with different views and different ways of worshiping, they have different meal requirements, have different ways carrying out personal care, they use different religious literature and books and have different ways of worshipping, yet all are welcome and their needs are met with regarding their individual requirements
c) Ages
We have many ways in our community of bringing together all ages the young and old so that both benefit from the wisdom, knowledge and skills they have acquired, education is paramount so the young and old have a special bond which brings their 2 worlds together
d) Lifestyles
In our community there are many who have totally different lifestyles, e.g Cycling, able to work, do volunteering, swimming, art, being a carer and all