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Unit 301: manage own performance in a business

1) Explain the purpose of negotiating realistic targets for work.

In order that they are completed adequately and on time; so as not to give unnecessary pressure for planning purposes where to others are relying on completion of work.

2) State three factors for prioritising targets and setting time scales for own work, and ways of dealing with them.

Staff sickness – delegation of urgent tasks to others.
The specification for the work is altered/widened.
Constant distractions and interruptions- time management techniques e.g. set period for checking emails and diverting calls.

3) Describe three types of problems that may occur during work and ways of dealing with them

The equipment failure – arrange for repair/ replacement , constant distractions and interruptions – time management techniques e.g. set period for checking emails , diverting calls. Also thee specification of the work is altered/ widened.

4) Give one reason for keeping other people informed about progress towards target
So they can plan their own work: to notify of any possible problems in completion.
5) Describe two policies , procedures or codes of practice that are relevant to your work.
An example of this is so that requesting stationary’s supplies procedures for regesting visitors.

6) Describe two examples of setting high standards.
Eg always hitting deadline: excellence in standards of documents produced attention to detail etc.
7) Identify two different types of pressure and describe ways of dealing with them. An