Unit 301 Essay

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Sarah Dykes
Unit 301
1.1 To obtain the knowledge and skills for the diploma in clinical health care support level 3 and gain national qualifications in level 3,and qualification in employment and personal learning skills in health. To learn to solve problems and coping strategies, making use of feedback more constructively and work as a team. This encourages personal responsibility and self development. Understanding employment laws and rights and how this fits into everyday working and the relationships with employers.
1.2 The strategies for meeting these requirements are portfolio with written evidence, questions, projects, testimonies, witness and candidate statements and presentations. As well as maths a on line or written test and English on line or written test as well as observations.
1.3 The apprentices agreement is to ensure the requirements of the course are met and understood, and to ensure employer, assessor, tutor and mentor have an agreement to work and allow apprentice to meet all criteria and to support.
1.4 The importance of the time management is to make sure deadlines are made and courses are running to time and date so work and portfolios are finished on agreed time and completed successfully.
1.5 Useful sources of information for this would be internet, work colleges, nhs careers, universities, colleges and libraries. The internet is a very good source and is available anytime day and night, universities, collages and library provide endless uses