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This guide is designed to offer advice for all Tutors whether existing staff, or new staff members.
The Tutors role and responsibilities in education and training.
Use The Teaching/Training Cycle.

You should be able to identify the needs of the Learner:
What do they want to achieve?
What course will best help them achieve their goal?
Are we an appropriate Learning Centre to meet their requirements?
Can we advise them of a more appropriate venue for their studies?
Do they have any specialist individual needs? Hearing Loops, Wheelchair access etc.
Is the room layout appropriate to maximise learning potential?
Do you need to establish ground rules? Good timekeeping, dress code, language, mutual respect etc.
Let Learners know when, and how, you are available for them to contact you, set times they can contact you face to face, or by email etc.
Make sure Learners are aware of any Health and Safety requirements that may affect them, Fire Drill and Assembly Points, what PPE, Personal Protective Equipment; they may need depending on what course they are taking and what the venue they are attending requires, Hi-viz clothing, safety footwear etc.
Acknowledge everyone is an individual and will learn in their own ways, some will be academic learners, others will be hands on, Kinaesthetic learners. Assess Learners through observation and adjust your teaching style to suit their needs.
If you teach specific subjects you need to keep your knowledge of those subjects up to current standards.
Make sure you do any necessary CPD, Continuing Professional Development, to meet any legal requirements.
Use Reflective Practice to aid learning, re-cap previous sessions, engage with Learners, assess what they have learned, identify if they need more information.
Keep records and admin tasks up to date, remember confidentiality and the Data Protection Act (2003).
Act professionally and with integrity, be polite and diplomatic when speaking with Learners and other Tutors.
You have responsibilities when working with other professionals, you need to keep to session times when another Tutor needs to use the room/facilities.
You need to leave the room clean and tidy and if necessary help move room furniture if you have altered the layout.
If necessary you may need to identify points of referral to help Learners with any issues they may have.
This could be internal through any learning support available, or external agencies