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Unit 302
Principles of personal development in adult social care settings

Reflective practice is a way of studying own experiences to improve the way you work.
Gibbs reflective cycle involves six steps which we can use in the workplace.
Description – what happened?
Feelings – What do you think and feel about it?
Evaluation – what were the positives and negatives?
Analysis – what sense can you make of it?
Conclusion – What else could you have done?
Action Plan – What will you do next time?
There are always developments/changes within the care sector. Therefore we need constantly to update our service to meet the requirements of the individual. So we need to be always improving our services to support the individual. By reflecting on how we approach our duties we can reassess where there may be an area that we could be lacking knowledge or skills. Through constant training we can be up to date with any new developments that can improve on how we work. We are also a human being we can learn from our mistakes.
Standards are in place to follow when a person undertaking a duty to complete. Standards are in place to ensure that the duty is done to the required standard or beyond. If standards are not being met then there we can identify these areas and reflect why these standards are not being met.
People tend to gravitate to others who have similar backgrounds, share similar values rather than people who may be different. However as a professional in the care setting you have to give the same support regardless if they share the same beliefs as you. Therefore by aware of your reaction to someone who may express views that completely go against what you believe in.
If you let your views dominate your work place for example you refuse to give care to someone who may be homosexual 1. You are being discriminatory 2. You will fail to perform to the standards of the codes of practice for care workers. You cannot discriminate on who you care for.
When receiving feedback from manager, supervisor etc you need to be prepared. Feedback is not always uncritical but it does need to be constructive and supportive. If it the feedback is done in this manner then recipient will listen, be more positive and will improve on how they work. When receiving negative feedback don’t try and defend yourself take what is being.said on board.…