Unit 307 All OutcomesThe Legislation And Essay

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Unit 307- All outcomes-

The legislation and codes of practise that relate to handling information in a social care setting are:
Data protection act 1998
Freedom of information act 2000 health and social care act essential standards 2008
Local or internal codes of practise.

Legal requirements and code of practice informs others the correct and legal ways of handling information so that they know how to follow all the correct procedures and abide by legislation, for example, how to store information about an individual correctly and safely. It gives guidance and support, protecting yourself from carrying out illegal activity.

You can maintain records that are up to date, complete, accurate, and legible by:
Ensuring that your writing is clear and accurate and understandable so that everyone can read it effectively. To record the information as soon as you can, ideally it would be recorded immediately, say for example it was related to a breach of security or gas leak, or if failing to do it immediately for valid reason then it should be recorded as soon as possible. Make sure to include the time and date, and be sure to sign and print your name for validation, be sure to fill the record in black pen only, and do not scribble out any errors or initials, just a straight line through the word so that it is still readable yet clearly defaulted. All boxes must be ticked and filled clearly and visibly and neatly.

The practices that ensure security when storing and accessing information are:
Having correct storage for records, ideally locked away in a cabinet somewhere safe and secure where only those trained and permitted have access. When discussing information such as during hand over or a meeting be sure that no one can hear what is being said, check to see if anyone may be listening and ensure to speak at an appropriate volume with the correct people. When reading any form of record be sure to not leave it around, always return it to the secure storage. NEVER remove any records from the workplace. Make sure that you are singing the records out and should there be any changes or concerns then report the issue immediately to a manager or team leader. Lastly, when disposing of records make sure they are unreadable and are not retrievable in solid form, make sure to shred and bin.…