Essay on Unit 33 P5

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Sly Ferreira
P5 Explain the competitive pressures on selected contrasting business organisations to develop their use of e-business.
In this assignment I will be explaining the competitive pressures that have faced two contrasting organisations which are Amazon and Refuge.
Amazon and Refuge
Amazon is a public organisation that is owned and controlled by the government. They aim to provide public services. Amazon is an organisation that provides customers with products and services from the internet and is for profit while refuge is also based on the internet and offline as a non for profit organisation that offers a network of safe houses which provides emergency accommodation for woman and children who suffer from domestic abuse.
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A business always needs to review their business to see the performance of business operations. They also need the crucial information on about the accounting department as this tells you the how the business is doing financially and how well it is performing. An example is phones4u they closed down because they were not able to keep up with payments and losing people’s money which resulted to a closure of the business.
Other factors may result to the closures such as the economic conditions if the economy is in recession or depression it has a great impacts on businesses and some business may not cope, low profits means that the business is not selling restricting them to pay for essentials and services needed for the business and this causes a business to close down if they cannot increase their products, unavailable resources may also have an impact on a business because without the resources the business needs they may result to low profits leading to a closure, tough competitions is also a factor because all businesses wants to be the best in what they do and some business that sells the same products or service may outshine their opponent meaning that the opposing business may need to shut down because it affects their businesses profits and performances.
Common reasons for a business to be taken over are bankruptcy or aging. The business would need to be taken over to have new ownership in order for the employees to