Essay on Unit 331 Understanding Children and Young Person’s Development. Assignment (Task)

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Unit 331 Understanding children and young person’s Development. Assignment (Task)

Task D Report

Early identification of speech, language or communication delay is important for a child or young persons’ well-being. All practitioners have a responsibility to identify children’s needs and intervene with appropriate support as early as possible, to help children achieve the goals of ‘Every Child Matters’ and progress towards the Early Learning Goals. The importance of early language and communication skills for children’s later achievements is now well documented and the need to provide support for children at this early stage is so that they can achieve their full potential. This means recognising a child’s difficulty quickly:
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There are many ways in which to support the development of the child or young person’s speech, language and communication. Young children learn a lot through role play and this can help with their development. A home corner set up with cooking utensils can be used to support the child. Talk about the utensils and what they are used for. Ask the child questions like “what are you cooking today?” and “who are you cooking it for?” Encourage the child to tell you what ingredients they have used, describe what they look and smell like. This will help build up the child’s vocabulary.

Kim’s game is a good activity to play with primary children. Use a range of objects (I use no more than 8) and choose ones that are linked, for example, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, paper clip. Ask the child to name each object clearly as they pick them up in turn and count them. Ask the child to look away and remove one object, and then ask the child to name the object which has been removed. Encourage the child to use full sentences; instead of saying “pencil” they could say “you have removed the pencil”. Removing more than one object at a time and replacing an object with something else encourages more complex range of sentencing. You could also talk about the objects and discuss what they are used for.

“Twenty Questions” game can be played to improve the way in which the child stores their words. Use two sets of the same pictures and agree with