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Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care ( CYPM3.5)
Unit Number - 4222 - 347

Positive relationships with children and young persons are important for the following reasons -
When I child feels comfortable and trusting of a carer they are more inclined to separate more easier from their parents. They are more likely to participate in play and activities if they are emotionally secure.
If children have good strong relationships they are less likely to show unwanted behaviour as we can recognise and meet their needs.
Children's speech and language will develop at a faster rate as they have more confidence in conversing with us.
Health care professionals can plan more accurately as they understand children's development needs and know their interests.
Health care professionals are able to respond to children more effectively as they recognise their expressions , manorisms and emotions.

Relationships are built and maintained by the following -
Communicating Effectivly: It is about finding the correct style of communication 'for each individual. Remembering that our style and method will change with each child's age or ability, we must also remember that very little of communication is verbal and that we mostly send out NVQ ( Non Verbal Communication) such as facial expressions which children are quick to pick up on.
Identifying and sorting out conflicts and disagreements; All children have disagreements as do adults , however as children become older their disagreements become more exaggerated . To gain children's trust we must identify any difficulties that they may be facing and find a way for them to move on. It is important for us to portray fairness and that the children feel we are doing so .
Consistancy and Fairness; It essential that we have a conistant approach, this does not just involve behavioural boundaries but also includes the way in which we conduct ourselves. For instance we can not come in one day all happy and smiley and very interactive and then come in the following day with a glum face and minimal interaction. We must always display fairness and be willing to here their voice and opinions before making our own conclusions. This fairness must also be within the adult capacity and be shown between family and work colleagues to ensure everybody is sharing the work load equally.

Showing respect and courtesy

Childem should always be treated with respect and courtesy. They will then hopefully obtain this quality and pass it on to others in the future. We should in still good manners from an early age such as Please and Thankyou .We should always talk to children using a warm courteous tone of voice.

Valuing and Respecting Individuality

We should value each child's individuality showing them that we are comfortable with their differences. With young children it is recognising that they may have particular interests and building and encouraging them to part in them.

Keeping Promises and Honouring Commitments
We must bare in mind that small things matter to a child, therefore if we make a promise…