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Sample assignment briefs
In parts of this assignment you will be required to refer to business information that is used in an organisation. In order to be successful it is therefore important that you chose an organisation from which you will be able to access the necessary information. An ideal scenario would be a small- to medium-sized local company that is willing to share information with you, including examples of its corporate communications.
Task 4.1
You have been asked to carry out an audit on the types of information used within a business in order to report back to management on the range of information used, the ways in which it is used, and the appropriateness of information used in decision making. Write a report to show the results of your investigation into information in an organisation of your choice. In order to do this you should complete the following activities.
● Complete a table like the one below to show the types, sources and purposes of information used within the organisation. Try to include at least two examples of each type of information.
Type of information Example Description Purpose Source
● Where possible cross reference your example to evidence of this in your appendices, for example, a screenshot of web-based information or a copy of a letter. Remember to refer to the Student Book and specification to help you give details on the types, purposes and