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I believe Microsoft operates based on an engineering production because of how they reorganized their company. Based on how Microsoft already knew what they had to do in order to keep up with the speed of innovation with their platform products and services, their business, and entertainment services, this was a complete organizational restructure. (Jones, 2013, p. 270) With engineering production the workers were being held to a higher standard in order to find the solutions that were comparatively easy because well understood standards procedures had already been established. Going forward solving problems with technical the formulas manuals and tables were recognized by applying the right techniques. (Jones, 2013, p. 270) Engineering Production involves the design, continuous improvement of integrated systems and control in order to provide their customers with high quality faster goods and services. Production engineering teams work with the designers, helping them come up with different technology to develop a product that can be manufactured economically while preserving its functionality. According to Steve Ballmer “To advance our strategy and execute more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater excellence we need to transform how we organize, how we plan and how we work." ("Microsoft Reorganizes Company Structure to Cover Up Losses via Innovation - Gizbot," 2013) So in order for Microsoft to solve the problems and retain their customers they had to create a new level of hierarchy management that would work with small project teams to solve the problems and invent new internet based service applications along with windows platform. (Jones, 2013, p. 270) Microsoft has tried this kind of thing many times before, in 2002, they unveiled a new corporate structure that gave more independence to the managers of the company's half-dozen-or-so business units. Then this restructure took place in 2005 when they consolidated their seven divisions into three; platform products and services, business, and entertainment and devices. A year later, it completely rethought the products and services organization in light of the Windows Vista disaster. Then again in 2007, Microsoft changed up its Windows business structure yet again and made the server and tools business separate from the products and services division this still wasn’t what they we looking for so in 2008 the company did even more retooling of its products and services unit, splitting it into two divisions, Windows and online services. In 2010, the company changed up its entertainment and devices management structure and last year, Microsoft shuffled its marketing business. ("Microsoft shakes up