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Unit.4 essay As the 19th century began differences between the south and north began to upraise. These differences mainly focused on the economy since it had different economic bases causing to have different interests. Having different economies also affected the social life which led to have social differences. The north had major social and economic differences. Starting with the differences they had, a main one was the economy, the north was industrial. The economy or the north was primarily based on manufacturing. As the north had a strong economic boom many industries began. With this many immigrants came to the north due to many reasons such as poverty and persecution. Since immigrants provided low wage, many immigrants from Europe began working in factories and producing goods used by people in the north. Though very different the south and north worked together. The north and the south were affiliated. Many factories began producing textiles with the cotton grown in the south. The south economy unlike the north was based on agriculture. Cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo were sold as cash crops. After Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin cotton production became easier. The south became a one-crop economy “Cotton Is King.” As the production if cotton increased more slaves were needed; slavery became essential to the south’s economy. The social life in the north was determined by life in the cities. Both religion and education were organized. There were schools and churches in most towns. Although very few boys and almost no girls went on to secondary school. In addition college was reserved for the wealthy. Though social roles were more flexible with no permanent underclass. The northern ideal…