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Unit 4 Principles of safequarding and protection in health and social care.

1.1Define the following type of abuse:

Physical abuse: It ocours when person is phisically ill treated and it might cause physical injury. In care environment it also means that person re not supported in adequate way and it might cause them physical discomfort e.g, using wron size sling which might hurt individual arm or being to „rough” . Sometimes what is normal touch for us it might be painfull for someone who is bedbounded or had a stroke. That is why all people working in health and social care must emphatise and be understanding.

Sexual abuse:

This type of abuse can be shared on two different types: that involves physical contact e.g. Touching in sexual way, raping, forcing to perform sex acts. Non physical contact it is another type e.g. Forcing people to watch pornographic pictures of forcing them to photoghraphed naked or they can be forced to show other people privates parts of their body.

Emotional/ psychological abuse: With every type of abuse we can talk about physiological abuse. It may involve humiliating person e.g. By treating person like a child or not meeting person needs. Sometimes abusers might be very calm and look average but they work in destructive manner and are very effective because victim of abuse might have very low self esteem and it is really easy to influence their way of thinking.

Financial abuse: It occurs when people that should take care of individual's finance are being used inappropriately. e.g. if a carer is doing shopping for indivudual and does not bring the right change back or if people staying in nursing homes or other care premisses are being mistreated e.g. Their needs are not being meet and e.g. lack of pads or pain relief, basically if person is paying the money for something and it is not being done sand money goes somewhere else it is financial abuse.

Institutional abuse: It happens when company or organization if failing to provide appropriate and professional care to individual. It can be seen in the processes. How people approach each other, When institutional abuse occurs there is a lot of discrimination among all staff and when management is also involved but not reacting. This abuse happens because people are being ignorant, because of their thoughtless and stereotyping.

Self-neglect: It is a behavior in which person is neglecting their own hygiene. People do not dress appropriately, do not eat nutritious food.
These people usually fail to attend doctors to treat their medical condition.

Neglect: It is a form of abuse where healthcare professional that is responsible for venerable adults and is failing to do their job properly it means that individual is not taken care of acuratelly to their needs and wishes or not being cared for at all. Person might not be fed prperlly even giving to much is a form of neglecct as for e.g. children do not know what is best for them and peoople who are responible to show and tell them what to eat etc.

1.2Identify sign and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse.

Physical abuse: bruises from touching and rough grabbing. Broken bones e.g ribs from hitting. Burns on the body e,g, from cigarettes al of those are signs physical abuse.

Sexual abuse: Bruising around genitals and breasts. Unexplained bleeding from private parts. Victim of sexual abuse will show sign like being scared around males if they were abused by male. Another sign of sexual abuse is STI.

Emotional/psychological abuse: With every form of abuse there is emotional aspect. So it means that person abused (any form) will show signs of emotional abuse that means person might be depressed. Person will not attend their normal day to day activities as they will see no point doing that.

Financial abuse: Money missing from the purse or money missing from account. Person might feel like there is always less money then it