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[u04d1] Unit 4 Discussion 1
Peer Review – Annotated Outline 100/100
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
Guidelines for Effective Peer Review.
The purpose of this discussion is to provide, and receive, peer feedback on the Unit 3 assignment, Annotated Outline.
In the discussion in Unit 3, you posted your Annotated Outline, along with a brief description of your project direction. This discussion is the next step: providing peer reviews for two of your peers. Post your peer reviews here, with a subject line that indicates the name of the person whose outline you are reviewing, so that each of you can easily find the reviews of your outline. Here are the steps to follow to complete this peer review discussion:
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers in the Unit 3 discussion, select two to review, and download copies of those Annotated Outlines. Check for posts from the discussion to determine whether anyone is already reviewing those learners' outlines. Try to find peers whose outlines do not already have reviewers.
Read the Guidelines for Effective Peer Review provided in the Resources.
Provide feedback to two of your peers. Include the author's name in the subject line.
Review the feedback that you receive from your peers and use the feedback as you see fit as in developing your project draft, due at the end of Unit 4.
Complete your responses to peers by the end of the day on Wednesday of this week, so that they, and you, have time to incorporate the feedback into your assignment draft in this unit.
Check the discussion threads over the next couple of days and respond to any follow-up questions your peers have about the feedback you gave them.

[u04d2] Unit 4 Discussion 2
Evaluating an Argument
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
Activity Context
This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency:
Apply frameworks and theoretical concepts to systematically analyze business issues.
Activity Instructions
This activity will help you learn to evaluate arguments, which, according to Chaffee in Thinking Critically, is entirely necessary for constructing your own effective arguments.
Choose any argument from "Thinking Activity 10.3" in Thinking Critically (page 459) and use Chaffee's three-step approach to evaluate it.
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers and respond to two of them. Do you agree or disagree with their evaluation? Why?

///////////////////POSTED 100/100
For this discussion I chose the argument by Edward O. Wilson, On Human Nature.
“For if the brain is a machine of ten billion nerve cells and the mind can somehow be explained as the summed activity of finite number of chemical and electrical reactions, [the]