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Unit 4 - Principles of Customer Service

You are working in a business as a customer services advisor. You have been given the task of assisting the customer service manager to prepare training materials for new staff. To do this, you will need to investigate how customer service is provided in other businesses. You will then use your research to create training materials that new staff can use to learn about providing good customer service.
1. Describe 3 examples of the different types of customer service provided by two selected businesses. (P1)

Business 1: Tong High School
Business 2: ASDA
Job Role:

Job Role:

Job Role:

Job Role:

Job Role:

Job Role:

2. Describe the characteristics of consistent and reliable customer service. (P2)

Staff knowledge of the scope of the job role and products or services

Staff attitude and behaviour

Meeting specific customer needs

Working under pressure

Confirming service meets needs and expectations

Dealing with problems

3. Explain how organisational procedures and legislation contribute to consistent and reliable customer service. (P3)

Monitoring customer service (e.g. Mystery Shopper)

Following codes of practice (e.g. Codes of Practice)

Having ethical standards (Ethical Standards)

4. Explain how legislative and regulatory requirements affect customer service in a selected business. (P4)

Legislation (laws)
Sale of Goods Act

Health and Safety Act

Data Protection Act

Equal Opportunities Act

5. Describe how a selected business meets the needs and expectations of three different types of customer. (P5)

Business 1: Tong High School
Explanation (with example)
Internal customers

External customers

Customers with special