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Unit 4: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Definition

“Users” are everyone who has access to any of Richman Investments IT systems. This includes permanent employees and also temporary employees, contractors, agencies, consultants, suppliers, customers and business partners.
“Systems” means all IT equipment that connects to the corporate network or access corporate applications. This includes, but is not limited to, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, data and voice networks, networked devices, software, electronically-stored data, portable data storage devices, third party networking services, telephone handsets, video conferencing systems, and all other similar items commonly understood to be covered by this term.
Acceptable Use
All data stored on Richman Investments systems is the property of Richman Investments Users should be aware that the company cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information stored on any Richman Investments except where required to do so by local laws.
Richman Investments systems exist to support and enable the business. A small amount of personal use is, in most cases, allowed. However it must not be in any way detrimental to users own or their colleagues productivity and nor should it result in any direct costs being borne by Richman Investments other than for trivial amounts (e.g., an occasional short telephone call).

Unacceptable Use
All employees should use their own judgment regarding what is unacceptable use of Richman Investments systems. The activities below are provided as examples of unacceptable use, however it is not exhaustive. Should an employee need to contravene these guidelines in order to perform their role, they should consult with and obtain approval from their manager before proceeding.
• All illegal activities. These include theft, computer hacking, malware distribution, contravening copyrights and patents, and using illegal or unlicensed software or services. These also include activities that contravene data protection regulations.

• All activities detrimental…