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Internet Business
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This paper will discuss a hometown business located in Reno, Nevada named Casa Del Sol. It will discuss this business pertaining to creating a Internet business model. It will discuss which model would be appropriate for this business and their website page. This paper will also discuss how this business would benefit from having a website and what functions the website will perform for Casa Del Sol. This paper will also discuss the specific functions of the website and links to the design ideas used for the website for Casa Del Sol. Lastly, it will contain a list of specific implemented technology used.

Internet Business
Casa Del Sol is a small hometown business located in Reno, Nevada. Casa Del Sol is a clothing, jewelry, and miscellaneous store. Due to the fact that Casa Del Sol has a storefront the best Internet business model would be a merchant based model, specifically a Click and Mortar model. This Internet model will bring Casa Del Sol business to their storefront and over the Internet. (Rappa, 2010).
Casa Del Sol will benefit from having a website in multiple ways. First, it will increase sales due to the fact that it will make their product worldwide. Casa Del Sol's e-commerce will be business-to-customers making it more appealing to the customers. It will also increase Casa Del Sol's customer service due to the fact that they will have a greater amount of customers and will be able to receive a greater amount of feedback. Lastly, it will make it easier for Casa Del Sol to keep track of their records more clearly due to electronic fund transfers and electronic data exchange. The electronic portions of the website will leave a clear and even flowing book receipt making it easier for taxes and bank statements. (2013).
The specific functions of the website for Casa Del Sol is also very important. The design for a website is crucial it must have an appropriate "typography, color, page layout, site hierarchy, etc." This is due to the fact that these things have a long lasting effect on the "could-be" customers to Casa Del Sol's page. It can determine if they want to revisit or if they do not it is a fact proving by Forrester Research that 3 out of 4 factors of design drive the repetitiveness of visitors. This can include the "ease of use, download time, and the freshness" of the page. When designing the web page it is intelligent to use familiar guides through the site including shopping baskets, hearts, etc. to give visitors the