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Unit 2 Crib sheet (”tick list”) for P1, P2, P3 & M1

Complete (Y/N)
Have you told the reader what you are going to do in your answer?

Have you told the reader how you are going to do it?


Have you written your essay in third person?

Have you referenced your work using Harvard referencing (both “in text” and provided a reference list)?

Have you used a good volume/number of references?

Have you used a good variety of references (e.g. books, journals and the internet)?

Have you proof read your work (or got someone else to proof read it) for spelling punctuation and grammatical errors?

Do you honestly feel that the depth and detail of your answer is to a level three standard (have you put 100% effort into your work)?


Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care

Have you defined the terms equality, diversity & rights using relevant Health/Social Care context (e.g. not just a simple dictionary definition from goodle/wikki/yahoo answers)?

Have you discussed the social, cultural and economic benefits (have these been referenced)?

Have you discussed the benefits in health & social care settings (have these been referenced)?

Have you used any of the following terminology within your answer: opportunity, difference, overt discrimination, covert discrimination, stereotyping, labelling, prejudice, disadvantage, beliefs, values, vulnerability, abuse, empowerment, independence, interdependence, racism, sexism, homophobia (have these been referenced?)


Describe the discriminatory practice taking place in the case study

Have you identified at least five instances from the case study where discriminatory practice is taking place? (you may wish to consider: the expectations placed on him by others because his dad is a consultant, the judgements placed on him based on his sexual practices and preferences, his use of alcohol, how he is spoken to/treated by the staff.)

Have you discussed each point in detail using key terminology (examples above) to explain how the behaviour/action that is being demonstrated is discriminatory?

How you used wider reading (referenced examples - one for each point) to demonstrate how this has/can happen in “real life”?


Describe the potential effects of discriminatory practice on the service user (David) in the case study