Essay Unit 4222-317 Provide support for individuals within a shared lives arrangement

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Rhian Jones

Unit 4222-317 Provide support for individuals within a shared lives arrangement

Outcome 1. Understand how to establish the needs, background, experiences, wishes, preferences and choices of an individual

1. Explain the importance of getting to know the individual
It is important to get to know the individual to ensure the individuals needs are met and to put together a person centred plan. It is important to involve the individual when writing care plans and development plans to enable them to establish their needs and enables the individual to express their wishes and preferences and to make them aware that they have choices.

2. Identify sources of information that can inform the process
Information can be
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Communal meals should be encouraged for the individuals to get to know each other.

4. Support the individual to communicate their thoughts and feelings about sharing the home environment
The individual should be made to feel comfortable communicating with staff and should be made aware that staff are there for them to speak to if they have any issues regarding other individuals. The individual should also be allocated a key worker, the keyworker should carry out regular 1:1 sessions and during these sessions the individual should be encouraged to communicate any thoughts, feelings or issues they have regarding their home and any individuals in the home.

5. Describe actions to take if an individual is distressed.
If an individual is distressed I would remove them from the situation and take them to a private area to speak with them, if the individual refuses then I would ask all other individuals to leave the area, once in private I would speak to the individual to try and find out why they are distressed, individuals should be encouraged to take control of the situation by asking them what they think is the best action to take and also offer advice on what action I think would be best. In all cases the individuals behaviour management plan should be followed therefore this could result in offering the individual PRN medication, using distraction techniques (e.g taking them out for a walk, sitting and watching tv with them etc).

Outcome 5 Be