Unit 4222 373 Support Person Centred Thinking And Planning LD302 Essay

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Unit 4222-373 Support person-centred thinking and planning (LD 302)
Outcome 1 Understand the principles and practice of person-centred thinking, planning and reviews,
1 Explain what person-centred thinking is, and how it relates to person-centred reviews and person-centred planning - This is when you as a carer must find a balance between what is important from and for the person. Person-centred planning is when you have to reflect on their capabilities and what support they may require now and in the future so that they can play an active part in their community. So services should be delivered in a way the person chooses not them being slotted into gaps to suit others.
2 Explain the benefits of using person-centred thinking with
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As part of an organisation - Ensure that a one page profile is in place for people to read and that the person they are supporting has one.
2 Explain the different person-centred thinking skills required to support and individual
Person-centred thinking skills will include promote dignity, privacy and inclusion and problem solve. You do this by doing things with a person rather than to them. Use of a one page profile which will help build a plan of support that considers the person’s life, likes and dislikes. 3 Identify challenges what may be faced in implementing a person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own work. - Colleagues not wanting to change their ways, lack of resources, time, services users not wanting to be part of their review.

3 Describe how challenges in implementing person-centres thinking, planning and reviews might overcome - By continually listening and learning what is important to the person now and in the future. The acting on this with the alliance of their family and friends, It is important that you always think about the person in the centre of everything from gathering information about their lives to monitoring actions and on-going learning.
Outcome 4 - Be able to apply person-centred planning in relation to own life
1 Demonstrate how to use a person-centred thinking tool in relationship to own life to identify what is working and not working