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One in three doctors want assisted dying legalised and law could be changed in just two years
A third of senior doctors want assisted dying to be made legal, a major survey has found.
It shows that there has been a marked shift in favour amongst the country’s leading medical professionals over the past eight years.
A survey of 8,900 members of the Royal College of Physicians found that 37 per cent were in favour of a change in legislation.

The style of writing is report writing. I know this as they have found useful and correct information, the explanations given are factual and they also use figures in the report. This means it's more trustworthy and reliable. Another reason is because they have added facts aswell as opinions. The purpose of this report is to inform people about what doctors think about the law of euthanasia, assisted suicide and the fact that a large number of doctors want assisted suicide to be allowed. The target audience for this style of writing would usually be professionals and family/friends of someone who may who may want their life to end painlessly. They've also included statistics and quotes which means that it's more reliable as the statistics have to be accurate considering the article is targeted for professionals as if something may not make sense the reader will be able to pick it up easily. The style of writing is persuasive as the writer is informing people the disadvantages of drugs and the effect of it. The information itself is very blunt and straight to the point, which makes the reader aware of the fact that this is a serious topic which is being covered. They're covered the topic step by step, by first talking about what drugs are and then the effects of what drugs can do to you. It's very biased as it is trying to persuade the reader and let them be aware of how bad drugs are or can be. The target audience for this is adults as this may be published in a poster in a doctor's surgery or a hospital. This differs from the first one as the style of writing are different, one's targeted for a newpaper/online article and the other is for a…