Unit 45 - Rescources for Health and Social Care Essay example

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Unit 45, Assignment 1 – Resources for Health and Social Care.
Explain why resources are presented differently due to the type of media used.

During this Report we will be looking at the different types of resources available for new learners in Health and social care. I will be reviewing four different types of resources I have researched. I will also explain why they are presented differently from one another and the different types of ways these resources can be presented by the media.
Internet – The internet is easily accessible and used worldwide. It is a global network and you can find a wide range of information on any topic via the internet. You can gain access on to the internet by using a variety of different appliances;
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The articles were more specific than in a book and I was able to get a lot more information from a shorter piece of writing. This journal would be targeted at someone whom is working within a Health and social care organization or a student who is studying in the field. A journal could be presented by the media through posters, at health and social care organizations, in an established publication book to do with health and social care or even on the internet. This would be relevant as it would assure the promotion of the journal was made aware to the targeted audience especially when distributed in a book.
Leaflets- A leaflet is a piece of paper that has been printed containing information covering one subject. Leaflets are usually distributed free and they can be found in shops, GP surgeries, libraries and can even be posted through a person’s front door. The resource (Leaflet, What is Cancer and the facts, Macmilian Cancer, June 2012.) was structured and displayed well. There was bold headings, sub headings and the relevant information displayed underneath. There wasn’t a lot of writing, however, the facts and points were made within a shorter piece of writing. The leaflet contained useful telephone numbers, websites and email addresses at the back in case the reader required more