Importance Of Positive Relationships With Children

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Unit 5 1.1 Importance of positive relationships with children and young people It is important to have a positive relationship with children in a nursery setting so that they feel comfortable coming in and to help understand how they learn best; It also helps to build a positive relationship with parents/ careers when the child is well settled in the setting. When staff have a close bond with the children it makes it easier for them to know the child's strengths and weaknesses. This helps staff to recognises how they should react to the child's emotions and understand their facial expressions; which will help them to react in the correct/ effective way, to help the child. In regards to children with learning difficulties, if the staff member doesn't have a positive relationship or close bond with the child, then they would not be able to work alongside the child. Especially when external companies come in to help children with slower development, when the key worker is with them they may feel more comfortable around the ‘stranger’ which will be help the child in their development and the external person. The most important way to build a positive relationship may just be a simple smile to begin with, especially for baby's. And for older children a simple ‘how are you today’ will make them feel comfortable around the staff. 1.3 Own effectiveness in building relationships with children and young people Building a relationship with children is important in the setting as it makes the child feel comfortable and helps build their self-esteem. This will then help them develop further, within all areas of learning. It is important to gets to know the child and see how the they learn and express their emotions, but the child will only let you see this when they are comfortable in the surroundings. A child will only come to you for comfort when they are ready, you can't force a child in to a