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Unit 8: Leading E-Strategy

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Many of the techniques of e-business strategy have become a very important aspect of their long-term success in the market and competitive organization.
According to CioIndex (2008), based on an e-strategy to create shareholder value. Other word, the "new" world competition "new" business model helps to identify now with Internet-based ecosystem. This report emphasizes the importance of today's changing business e-strategy, browse companies to adapt to modern e-commerce environment technology to maintain their position in a highly competitive environment.
Here I’ve introduced OCADO the world’s largest dedicated online grocery supermarket, and a completely independent business.

Company at a glance:
OCADO is best known for our UK grocery delivery service, but that's just the bit people see above the surface. Their beating heart is a vast, unique fulfilment and logistics machine powered by research and technology. Every day, Their brilliant teams devise innovative solutions that help us to give our customers exactly what they ordered – and more. they win countless consumer awards for our incredible, customer-centric business. Their range is now the largest of any UK supermarket. But that's just the start. Their reach grows each year: they listed on THE LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE in 2010, and completed our first commercial deal – with UK grocery retailer Morrisons – in 2013.
Across retail, where and how people shop is changing. Online is recognised as the fastest-growing channel in grocery, and, people expect us to be at the forefront of this revolution. They certainly are.
Going the extra mile: they always give their customers the kind of service we’d like to receive. they deliver on our promises, whether trudging through snow to deliver precious Christmas orders, or successfully building Morrisons.com from scratch to launch in just seven months.
Deliver happiness: they aim to find the best and simplest way to help their customers, to make shopping easy and convenient for them, and give them more time to spend on more important things. You might call it “feels good shopping”.
Hungry: They want to do so very much; their work has only just begun. They are driven to do better; to find new, smarter ways to solve problems. That's how they’ll continue to delight our customers and thrive as a BUSINESS.
Strategic objectives
Driving growth: Growing customer numbers: Growth this big needs lots of feeding. use a wide range of marketing channels to broaden and deepen understanding of their proposition, building loyalty amongst existing customers, and extending reach to potential new ones. These convert in significant numbers into engaged, frequently-shopping customers; further adding to ACTIVE customer pool.
Growing spend: improve range and service to encourage customers to buy more of their weekly requirements from us. This, combined with