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Next will be going into detail upon how a person qualifies for the St. Louis walk of fame.
The walk of fame is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1988 and the purpose is to showcase the cultural heritage of St. Louis. The purpose is to show all people from all over the country and advance their knowledge, awareness and their accomplishments. The star features as the following: Each star features the name of an honoree; an accompanying plaque contains a brief biographical summary. The Walk of uld receive some negative views for his spot on the walk of fame because of not being born in Missouri. However yes he was not born in Missouri but by coming here he was to establish his Military career by graduating WestPoint in 1843 and was assigned to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, and then later served in the American Mexican War. “During the 1864-65 Siege of Petersburg, Grant was, according to some accounts, deliberately fed liquor by a senior subordinate, then placed on his horse and sent back to his headquarters covered in vomit (Showauer).”
Others may bring up the fact that at the beginning of the Civil War General Grant attacked off guard at times, completely by surprise at Shiloh and nearly lost his army there. However during the Civil War he may have been caught off guard multiple times during the war. The Union victory in the Civil War was believed to of taken longer than it should of because of the fact that some believed that the Union had more man power and with superior resources.